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Creamy Lightroom Presets: Embracing the ethereal elegance with Aesthetic tones.

Creamy Lightroom Presets offer a powerful and accessible way to enhance your images with a soft and dreamy aesthetic. A well-liked tool for photographers and fans alike, creamy Lightroom presets provide a simple and effective approach to improve and change the entire mood and style of their photographs. Often characterized by subdued tones, delicate contrasts, and a gradual diffusion of light, these presets are created to impart a soft, dreamy, and ethereal appearance to photographs. Let’s go deeper into the world of creamy Lightroom presets and examine their main characteristics, advantages, and practical applications for improving photography.

A strong and simple technique to give your photographs a soft, dreamy aesthetic boost is with creamy Lightroom presets. Photographers can save time, attain consistency, and add a little artistic flair to their work by utilizing their features and advantages. Creamy presets can be a useful addition to your post-processing toolset, whether you’re a professional photographer trying to optimize your workflow or a hobbyist looking to explore new creative frontiers.

Features of Creamy Lightroom Presets:

Soft Color Scheme: Creamy settings are characterized by their muted, pastel tones. They give pictures a delicate, romantic quality that evokes fond feelings of reminiscence.

Smooth Transition Between Light and shade: These presets frequently lessen jarring contrasts and improve the transition between light and shade. This adds to the appearance’s overall soft and dreamy feel.

Luminous Highlights: Creamy presets have a tendency to boost highlights and produce a soft glow, giving the image a hint of luminosity. Your subjects will stand out and appear more serene with this effect.

Film-like Grain: Some creamy presets add a fine grain texture to simulate film photography. The photographs acquire a timeless aspect as a result, evoking the style of vintage film photography.

Enhanced Skin-Tones: These presets are frequently made to enhance skin tones, giving them a silky, flawless appearance. The appeal of this can be especially strong in fashion and portrait photography.

Subtle Saturation: While creamy presets enhance colors, they do it in a restrained, delicate way. The end result is a picture with deep colors that aren’t overly vivid.


  • One-click Effect
  • Exposure, You can always adjust the exposure to your requirements
  • Creamy  Tone Presets


  • Each effect in this free Presets Pack has been carefully created and adjusted to bring out the best of your project.
  • Carefully tested with different images works great on most of the images.
  • Results were lovely and mesmerizing.


  • Windows & Mac: Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile.
  • Works With JPG & RAW Formats.
  • Works With Mac & PC, Android
  • Works With & without Adobe subscription.
  • All Latest Versions of Lightroom.


  • Free Creamy Lightroom Presets Pack Download.
  • 03 Desktop Presets for everyone fully non-destructive your original image stays safe.
  • 03 Mobile DNG Presets file


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