50+ Free Lightroom presets of 2022

50+ free Lightroom Presets, As many of you already know how hard it is to capture a perfect picture, after a photo has been clicked, the post processing  takes like forever and you will need to be an expert to get the best results. That’s when Lightroom Presets come in action, the sole purpose of presets for Lightroom was to change that long and  technical process and make it easier for everyone to be able to edit their photos up to their liking, be it a professional photographer, a food blogger or someone totally new to photography world.

Lightroom Presets are recorded to minimize efforts and get the best results out of every image up to your standard.

Further adjustments can be made as there is room for changes in the Exposure, Contrast and Hue & Saturation Panels. Adobe Lightroom Presets prove to be a powerful tool for content creators and professional photographers.

Before you download any of our presets, be it free or premium, let us analyze if you really need them. So let me ask you,

Do you want a consistent look in your images? Are you tired of creating the same look again and again in your photos? Are you new to Lightroom and just want a good look at your Instagram feed? Do you have a deadline from the client to submit the project within a short time? are you finding it difficult to create a professional look in your images, all of this and much more can be solved just by the the use of our Free Presets fifty of which are listed below, Enjoy.


  • Windows & Mac: Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile.
  • Works With JPG & RAW Formats.
  • Works With Mac & PC, Android
  • Works With & without Adobe subscription.
  • All Latest Versions of Lightroom.


  • XMP Desktop Presets
  • Mobile DNG Presets file

Anime Lightroom Presets

Anime Lightroom Presets features three wonderful free presets that give a anime look to your photo, Looks similar to anime like Suzume no Tojimari, I want to eat your pancreas, A silent voice, Weathering with you. This pack works with both Mobile and desktop Lightroom.

Lifestyle Lightroom Presets

Free Lightroom presets for beautiful edits, with rich aesthetic colors that give your images a fresh new look, stunning moody tones to enhance your picture highlights and giving a wonderful white balance to it.

Portrait Film Lightroom Presets

Portrait Film Presets Pack features 05 free mobile & desktop Lightroom Presets, Influence your social media by posting lovely photos by the use of free film portrait presets.

A handmade precisely created presets to signify a cinematic film texture in your photos. If its getting to hard too hard getting a nice Hollywood film look worry not just try this free presets pack. A free presets bundle that gives life to your creative imagination.

A filmy filter pack for professionals to redefine their raws and JPEGs and get the most of them, 5 different cinematic preset featuring excellent color combinations, saturations, luminance, and creating a Hollywood look enhancing highlights and shadows. Classy over contrast looks that highlights focus areas giving a professional cinematic look like in Hollywood films.

Black & White Lightroom Presets

Black and white Lightroom Presets featuring 5 creatively made classic tone metallic armored free lightroom presets.

Orange and Teal Lightroom Presets

Orange and Teal Lightroom Presets Pack for free features effect that create a orange and teal look. The colors in this Free preset Pack compliment each other making each and every photo look wonderful. This Preset Bundle contains five free Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets.

A creative way to look cool making some of the colors shine more than others, teal & orange presets free at your service. This teal & orange Lightroom preset bundle is packed with effects that makes your photos standout making them look more cool and classy.

Delicate Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom Presets is a action pack full of delicate and precisely recorded free lightroom presets for your professional photography requirements.

True Tone Lightroom Presets

Free Lightroom Presets Pack True Tone features 06 free presets with fresh eye-catching effects that give a fine tone look to your images.

Modern Black Lightroom Presets

Modern Black Presets for Desktop & Mobile is a pack of five black presets which are inspired by Alen Palander Style of editing and give a black Film Tone.

Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets

Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets Pack features 10 free Lightroom Effects that give a Dark night moody touch to your photos. Its an east to use one click preset pack for everyone doesn’t matter if you are professional photographer or not this free preset set gives amazing results. Tested on hundreds of photos making the night color bloom and giving a classy professional dark and mood touch to your photo.

Feel the vibe of darkest nights transform your friends group photos into memories whether it be in winter cold Igloo camp or amazon jungle campfire these presets features all these effects in a one-click and go step.

Dark Night colors pack of 10 presets with magical filters transforming your photos into a piece of Filmy Cinematic dark Tones.

Moody effects to create a volatile fun loving atmosphere in your photos to make them look more eye-catching and unique.