Lightroom Presets

Fuchsia Presets

Fuchsia Lightroom Presets: Elevating Your Photography to New Heights

Lightroom Presets

Urban Presets

Free Metallic Lightroom Presets features a pack a tinted tone presets with three variations to transform your images and give them a Urban Metallic look.

Lightroom Presets

Orange and Teal Premium Presets

Orange and teal premium presets pack features 10 desktop and mobile lightroom presets. These effects create an amber and teal look in your photos making the blacks and grey dim down and lean towards teal while the oranges are a bit more saturated. Orange and blue Lightroom presets influence a more Cinematic and Hollywood tone look which is nowadays widely used in Movies like Avengers, Batman V Superman and more.

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Transform your images to get a more professional look with effects that feature different Lightroom filters like cinematic look, insta effect, Moody effect, orange and teal, majestic, winter effect and more.

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