10 Influencer Lightroom Presets

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10 Influencer Lightroom presets
Influence your audience by posting some finely processed photos on your social media.

Instagram influencer filter with modern and classy looks. Great for bloggers to create professional yet viewer friendly content for their blogs.
Influencer Lightroom presets are pre-made settings that can be applied to photos in Adobe Lightroom.
Some popular examples of influencer Lightroom presets include presets for creating a bright and airy look, presets for achieving a moody or cinematic vibe, or presets for enhancing the colors and tones in photos.
To use a Lightroom preset, simply import your photo into Lightroom, navigate to the Develop module, and then click on the preset you want to use in the Presets panel on the left-hand side of the screen. The preset will automatically apply the chosen settings to your photo, allowing you to quickly achieve a desired look or style.


  • one-click Effect
  • Exposure, You can always adjust the exposure to your requirements
  • Influencer Presets


  • Each effect in this Premium Presets Pack has been carefully created and adjusted to bring out the best of your project.
  • Carefully tested with different images works great on most of the images.
  • Results were lovely and mesmerizing.


  • Windows & Mac: Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile.
  • Works With JPG & RAW Formats.
  • Works With Mac & PC, Android
  • Works With & without Adobe subscription.
  • All Latest Versions of Lightroom.


  • Influencer Presets Pack Download.
  • 10 Desktop Presets for everyone fully non-destructive your original image stays safe.
  • 10 Mobile DNG Presets file



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